Bollywood News In Hindi : Pulkit Samrat wants to work in Rajesh Khanna’s biopic, besides being born on the same date, there are many more interesting reasons | राजेश खन्ना की बायोपिक में काम करना चाहते हैं पुलकित सम्राट, एक ही डेट में पैदा होने के अलावा कई और हैं दिलचस्प वजह

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 10, 2020, 05:21 PM IST

Mumbai (Amit Karna).

A long time later the lockdown released in the country has been opened on Monday 8 June. So many stars have also come out of the houses to breathe in the open air. In this regard, Pulkit Samrat has a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar about the experience of lockdown and the dream project ahead.

How did the lockdown change everyday life?

It made us all Kumbhakarna. Initially I thought it would be very difficult to stay at home. That is because we are doing a lot of movement during the shooting days. Life will go from motionless to motionless, it was never even thought of in a dream. Talking about the last year and a half, I did not get a chance to come home. I was not able to do my personal pleasure. During the lockdown period, I learned guitar and piano.

Which was the last film, the shooting of which will always be in mind?

'Elephant Mere Saathi' movie, apparently. Had the lockdown not happened, the film would have been released. During his shoot, he got a close look at forest life. I had to go and shoot the film in the jungles. Everyday at 5 pm, we artists used to get a warning that the herd was about to come. Instant packup. I or anyone else would never have seen in my life that in just 10 minutes, a crew of hundreds of people would pick up the entire setup and go from place to place. This used to happen during this film. The entire team moved from spot to other spot in just 10 minutes.

Is the film made on a real forest guard?

Yes yes This is the story of a 55-year-old man who has grown millions of trees for many years of his life alone. The story is about how those people then raise the flag against the corporate lobby. Truth be told, we humans have infiltrated the life of animals.

Has human life been affected by animals?

Yes, used to hear that there is also a dolphin in the sea on Marine Drive. But I have not seen anything other than just plastic, garbage there. Coronavirus is now putting the watts of our lives, but before that we have planted our own watts. We still have not learned, so do not know which viruses will come out and put our watts.

When does shooting start?

I think it will take time. In the lockdown period, as we saw, despite the strict rules, people did not follow it fully. I think if you are going to take the grocery, then go to a man from a family. Shop from the marking done in the shops. There was a lot of sadness when some people threw stones at the doctors. Now I hope that some improvement has happened in the attitude of the people.

Which people have you been in constant touch with in Mumbai?

Niranjan used to talk on video call. We used to talk to Ali Fazal on a video call. Now of course after lockdown, we will all get together and things are going to change.

Who wants to biopic?

Let me tell you something interesting. My and Rajesh Khanna's birthday is on the same day on 29th December. The character I am playing in Haathi Mere Saathi is similar to the character of Rajesh Khanna in the old film. It would be a matter of great luck and pride for me that I could ever play Rajesh Khanna on screen, because of which the superstar term was first coined in the Indian film industry. There was no superstar in our industry before them.

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