Bollywood News In Hindi : Shraddha Kapoor tells the emotional story of animals locked in zoo cage | श्रद्धा कपूर ने बयां किया जू में बंद जानवरों का दर्द, बाघिन की आवाज बन पूछा- क्या मैं आजादी के इंतजार में यहीं मर जाऊंगी

Dainik Bhaskar

May 16, 2020, 06:50 AM IST

Mumbai. Shraddha Kapoor has shared a video on social media, in which she is describing the pain of animals locked in cages. He wrote in the caption, urging the closure of Xu, “Many of us feel anxious and restless during this lockdown. Imagine keeping yourself away from your family and home and for the rest of your life How would you feel if you were jailed? ”

Emotional story of animals in video
Shraddha Kapoor has given voice to a tigress girl in this video made by PETA India, an animal rights organization. Through this baby tigress, he has told an emotional story of animals locked in Xu.

Baby Tigress, imprisoned in the cage, says, “My mother says there is a magical city somewhere called freedom. Where there are no fetters, no restriction. All are equal. Where children like me roam in the open fields Where our feet run high with strong winds. There are many kinds of friends. Everyone is playing and together. They take courageous jumps. Evening is done and tired, still return to the family. Isn't it amazing?Hani. “

After this, she reveals her reality to the Baby Tigress and says, “My life is very different from this story. I have been born in this cage. This is my home for two years. My mother has been there for eight years.” There is imprisonment here. How many days are there in eight years and how many hours? ”

And finally, that baby tigress has asked the people living in lockdown, “How many days have you been there? I know you must be suffering too. I would ask my mother to tell you the story of that magical city too.” Talking about freedom may have led to the feeling of freedom. Is it not possible that this magical city is in reality somewhere. Was my mother really free? Is it not possible for you to take me for freedom. Will lead to Jadi me? Or like that? I'll be counting the days in the cage and day count-count will go to die one day. “

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