Bollywood News In Hindi : Janhvi Kapoor revealed what her home situation was like after three members of their house staff were tested positive for coronavirus | जान्हवी बोलीं- घर में 3 कोरोना केस मिलने के बाद हम घबरा गए थे, अब किचन में जाना हो तो भी मास्क और ग्लव्स पहनते हैं

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 11, 2020, 06:00 AM IST

A few days ago the coronavirus test positive of three servants working in Boney Kapoor's house came. His entire family was then quarantined home. In an interview, Bonnie's daughter and actress Janhvi threw light on the incident and told that the whole family was horrified after receiving the Kovid patient in the house.

We were nervous for 5-6 days: Janhvi

Janhvi said in an interview, “We were enjoying a lockdown at home. Because we were getting a lot of time to spend with each other. But then we were really nervous for 5-6 days, when in our house Three cases came up. It was very funny because no one had stepped outside the compound gate. So we did not understand what happened? ”

Spent time with Papa during Quarantine

According to Janhvi, he spent more and more time with his father Boney Kapoor during the quarantine. She says, “Even today, if she (father) needs hot water at night, I wear gloves and go to the kitchen, then she gets hot water three or four times a day or a steam Take. Not that they need it. Rather as a precaution. ”

'I feel like I have a responsibility'

Janhvi continued, “The message for everyone is to keep taking steam and drink hot water. I feel good that I have a responsibility. Because I keep checking Papa and Khushi continuously. I feel that I have every I need to keep the thing under control. It makes me feel good. Although it was a bit stressful, it made me feel as if I am keeping pace with everyone. ”

On May 19, the first servant came test positive.

On May 19, the first servant to work at Boney Kapoor's house came to Corona Test positive. Two days later, on May 21, two other servants were found infected with corona. After sending the servants to the isolation center, the entire Kapoor family was quarantined at home. On June 5, Bonnie confirmed that the three servants had been freed from Corona.

Bonnie wrote on Twitter, “I am very happy to inform that our 3 staff members, who were infected with Kovid-19, have now fully recovered. Their test negative has come. My daughters And my test was already negative. Our 14-day home quarantine period is also over. Now we are ready to start afresh. ”

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