Bollywood News In Hindi : If Isha Gupta were a police officer in real life she encounters like Hyderabad case, has played a strong character in Reject X2 | असल जिंदगी में पुलिस ऑफिसर होने पर हैदराबाद केस की तरह एनकाउंटर करतीं ईशा गुप्ता, ‘रिजेक्ट एक्स 2’ में निभाया है दमदार किरदार

Dainik Bhaskar

May 16, 2020, 05:03 AM IST

Mumbai. Actress Esha Gupta will soon be seen in the web series 'Reject X2' directed by Goldie Bahl. Its streaming is happening on the G5 app from May 14. Recently, in an interview to Bhaskar, Isha has shared some interesting things related to her character and career.

What were the preparations for this crime?
There was no separate preparation for this character. Goldie Sir was clear that he is today's officer and a strong woman. It is a thriller story and he has to deal with today's children. Today's young generation thinks they know the most. When dealing with them, you will see how everyone is moving. You will also see in the trailer that this is my last case, so in any case I want to solve it.

What are your thoughts on the over-achievement thinking of this generation?

Over achievement is a good thing for me, I think the dream should always be big, but in my view, today's generation wants to achieve the oversight without effort, which is wrong. Because they think they will do it on social media, they will do it, but their own personality is nothing.

Who was the inspiration for the role of a police officer?

I love the uniform. My father was an officer. He was in the Airforce, has retired. The uniform has a different heaviness, so I have done many characters and I have seen that after wearing the uniform a different confidence comes and the head is different. I have a lot of respect for the policemen or for everyone in uniform and I am happy that I get such roles. I will always have a soft corner for uniforms.

Which case solves in real life?

The convicts in the Hyderabad rape case, I would have been able to do that in the Nirbhaya case, which was taken so long. As a woman, I can understand the pain that when a woman is raped, molested and when we look badly, we only know how bad it feels. Had I really been a policeman, I would have done an encounter like the Hyderabad police. I really want to do this.

Which is the most challenging crime rate ever?

I like every character better and I play every character with equal effort. I like to see myself on screen and I am my own critique, I do not say that I am the best actor but I am on my caliber wherever I am today. The negative character of the film Rustom changed my life. I have played negative roles but they were different. But it is nice to play such a character. The hardest role in my life was in Raj 3D. He was a very emotional role. But Rustom's role was really great. There was a life changing role. It was really hard not to laugh in the face, always being in the attitude.

Have you got rejections in your life?

Yes, that has happened a lot in my life whenever we give audiences. It does not matter to me because it is a matter of need and fit, if you do not fit there then no one.

'Society likes sneaky girls' – Isha Gupta

I have a lot of confidence, I feel that our society is very much Dominated. If they see any Confident woman, they do not like it even if they are in any field. Society likes timid women and when it comes to films, first I listen to the story, I listen to the roll, then I ask myself the question whether I have an advantage or not. I am mean.

What are you doing in lockdown

Today it has been 54 days, I am alone. I am doing yoga I've read two pages of I Love It by Daniel Gilbert's book Stumbling on Happiness. I am completely alone, my family is not there, no help, no friends. In the morning when you do a workout and then make your food, wash dishes, then it is time for lunch again, then other work. I am very hygienic. I love cleanliness. I missed Bai so much, but Corona has an advantage, every person will start getting hygienic by the end of it.

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