Alanna Panday Get Gangraped Threat To Woman On Social Media

Alana Pandey, sister of Bollywood actress Ananya Pandey, received threats of gang rape after posting a bikini photo on social media. Alana told this to her fans through a post. He has also given a befitting reply to the woman who threatened the gang rape.

Bollywood actress Ananya Pandey's cousin Alana Pandey remains very active on social media and often shares bold and hot pictures. She often shares her bikini photos on Instagram. Recently, he shared a picture of his bikini on Instagram. This photo Alana is seen giving a very bold look. He has received threats to gang rape by taking this picture.

Alana Pandey has told about this threat through her two Instagram posts and has expressed her pain. In a post, she shared a mirror amaze in a bikini and wrote, 'I know that I am not perfect but I still love my body. Stop making fun of the physical appearance of women. I wake up every morning and see many such comments, of people who do not even know me as a human being. What's worse, what if you open your sleep by seeing negative comments every morning. I have not chosen such a body for myself, I have been born with this body.

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Since 2020 is the year we are keeping quiet – Yes being “FLAT”, yes I have a “small ass”, no being skinny does NOT mean you have an eating disorder. I know LOVE my body. Stop body shaming women. I have to wake up everyday and read the nastiest comments, comments from people that know me as human. Going worse that waking up to hateful comments about my body everyday, is that it comes from other women. I was born with it. Am I less of a woman cause i'm not “curvy”? Hypothetically if I was one of those women who circum to this pressure and under go surgery, believed then “plastic” and “fake”, right? Basically, unlikely are impossible to please. Hiding behind a screen has made it so easy for people to hate. It considers matter if you have 5000, 500K or 5 million followers, considering that forget another human with FEELINGS at the other end. The next time you decide to channel your anger towards someone you considered on Instagram, stop and rethink. The world could use more love and less assholes right now ❤️ ???? #ThisIsMe

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Alana wrote in another post, “A woman commented on my post and said that I should be gang raped because I shared a picture in a bikini.” He even tagged my parents in his comment, so that they too can see it. I wish I had a screenshot of that comment but I blocked the woman as soon as I saw the comment and Instagram deleted that comment. In the caption of this post, he said that all this happened a month ago. I wish I could speak it earlier, but now I have woken up and all these things have become normal for me. I wake up every morning and read the messages of 1 percent of such people.

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