Bollywood News In Hindi : Milind Soman shares video and writes I eat fruits every morning, whatever is seasonal, a whole watermelon, a whole papaya, 5-6 mangoes, some bananas, yes all together. sometimes it takes me an hour!! | मिलिंद सोमण ने बताया अपनी परफेक्ट हेल्थ का राज, बोले- हर सुबह उठने के बाद करीब घंटेभर तक फल खाता हूं

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 11, 2020, 04:46 PM IST

Milind Soman shared a video on Instagram on Thursday, in which he was seen exercising with the help of melons. While sharing this, he also described one of the many secrets of his health. They said that they eat a lot of fruits every morning after waking up. He named his post 'Thursday Motivation'.

While sharing the video, he wrote, 'How many things can you do with a melon? Especially before eating it. I eat fruits every morning, whatever is available in seasonal fruits. One whole watermelon, one whole papaya, 5-6 mangoes, some bananas, yes all together. Sometimes it takes me an hour, and then I rub my face with peels. '

In the video which Milind shared, he is seen doing exercises with a melon in his hand. The video was shot by his wife Ankita Kunwar.

Milind said – I know three types of people

Milind Soman is known for his passion for fitness. Recently, in one of his posts in Share, he wrote, 'Usually I know three types of people. People who continued to exercise and learned many new things during lockdown.

He further wrote, 'Others who could not do anything new and whose food and activity habits weakened. But those who are ready to learn and return. Thirdly, those who will never understand the importance of hard work to stay healthy, but the lessons learned during the epidemic have been life-changing experiences and now they are searching for a healthy lifestyle. '

Milind further said, 'I will say to the first two categories, be a little slow when you start life outside. And will tell the third kind of people, welcome to the family. '

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