Bollywood News In Hindi : Shakti Kapoor’s video viral, carries a drum to buy liquor’ | सिर पर ड्रम रखकर निकले शक्ति कपूर, शख्स ने पूछा-कहां जा रहे हो तो जवाब मिला दारू लेने जा रहा हूं’

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 11, 2020, 06:50 PM IST

Shakti Kapoor has shared a funny video on social media. In this video, Shakti is seen wearing black shorts and a black T-shirt with a plastic red drum on her head and going somewhere. A man who is making a video of him following him asks where are you going?

Answering this question, Shakti says, 'I am going to take liquor'. Then the person says – 'bring for the whole building'.

Fans gave a funny reaction: This video of Shakti has gone viral on social media and the fans are quite fond of it. Fans have made many comments on this video.

A fan wrote, Oh my God, this is so cute sir… well done. Another fan wrote, Crime Master Gogo… I am the nephew of Mogambo… I have come and will take something.

Had expressed concern over the condition of migrant laborers: Shakti was very active on social media throughout the lockdown period. A few days ago he shared an emotional video on the condition of migrant laborers.

Shakti said in this video, 'I am very sad to see the condition of migrant laborers. Some people are surviving by eating leaves, while others are starving, some are crushed by a train or are dying in an accident. Many young children are walking thirsty for miles hungry bare feet. I can do nothing except donate some money. I request the government to help all of them in some way.

Shakti was seen in the film Shimla Mirch: 67-year-old Shakti Kapoor has worked in more than 700 films in her film career. He was seen in the film Shimla Mirch released this year. His next film is Hungama 2.

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