Bollywood News In Hindi : YouTube star Maithili Thakur, who became famous with hymns, sang Ed Sheeran’s famous song ‘Perfect’, fans called him the power of Indian music | भजनों से मशहूर हुई यूट्यूब स्टार मैथिली ठाकुर ने गाया एड शीरन का फेमस सॉन्ग ‘परफेक्ट’, फैंस ने उन्हें भारतीय संगीत की ताकत कहा

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 11, 2020, 07:56 PM IST

Social media sensation Maithili Thakur is playing the magic of her voice in every song. Maithili, who achieved fame by singing bhajan songs, has now brought the Hollywood blockbuster song 'Perfect' to her fans. Everyone has become obsessed with listening to this English song in his melodious voice. People on YouTube have also praised him as the strength of Indian and classical music.

Maithili shared a video of Ed Sheeran singing the perfect song in May, which has seen more than 9 lakh people in just a few days. In this English song, Maithili praised people for not uttering a fake accent. One user wrote for her, 'She has sung this song quite easily, she is not throwing the accent.' The other wrote, 'The best thing about this song is that they did not try to do fake pronunciation, which I find quite impressive'.

Got fame from social media

Maithili took part in 'Saregama Little Champ' and 'Indian Idol' in 2011 at the age of 11. He then participated in the first season of 'Rising Star' in 2017. In this show, he got straight into the final due to his excellent performance. Maithili was runner up in the show due to the lack of just two votes. Two years ago Maithili started a YouTube channel with his brothers Rishav and Archie. His talent went viral on sight. The hymns sung in Maithili's voice have become quite popular. He has also been made the brand ambassador of Madhubani district of Bihar by the Election Commission.

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