Bollywood News In Hindi : After facing rejections for 5 years, Vicky Kaushal got the film Masan, father Sham Kaushal shared interesting things related to his Struggle Journey | 5 साल तक रिजेक्शन झेलने के बाद विक्की कौशल को मिली थी ‘मसान’ फिल्म, पिता शाम कौशल ने शेयर की स्ट्रगल जर्नी से जुड़ी दिलचस्प बातें

Dainik Bhaskar

May 16, 2020, 05:00 AM IST

Mumbai (Amit Karna). Vicky Kaushal, who has gained recognition in Bollywood with his talent in a short time, is celebrating his 32nd birthday today. On this special occasion, his father Sham Kaushan has shared Vicky's Struggle with Journey Bhaskar. He told how he faced failure and moved forward.

Before 'Masaan' it was said that Vicky Kaushal is the son of Sham Kaushal. Now I can't bear to hear that Sham Kaushal is Vicky's father. The difference that has come to 'Masan', 'Uri' and 'Bhoot: Haunted Part One' goes to Vicky himself and his hard work. Today, I am known as Vicky Kaushal's father and I am very proud of him. For a father, it could not be more important that he be known as his son.

Vicky used to go out for audition everyday after having breakfast.

Vicky has achieved her own destination. He completed his studies in the year 2009. Then he had said that he has to make a career in the film line, so I had fixed his routine that after breakfast at home at 10 am, go straight to the audition. Audition two, rejections, then you will be able to shine, that's what happened. He had to undergo 5 years of rejections before getting a Masan.

Massan got a break for his career

He had devoted 5 years to Struggle, Theater, Assistance. Masan and Zuban were finally found in 2014. Masan released first. From the beginning I had believed that due to rejections and insults, a human being either breaks down or becomes stronger.

Roll of poor and village boy

He got 'Masan' and 'Juban', but even after that his struggle remained. Vicky faced him with great understanding and patience. After Masan, he was getting the role of the son of a poor farmer and a young man living in the village. I used to laugh at Vicky sometimes. How the industry has accepted him as the son of the poor father. However, that too was part of the process under which Vicky was slowly reaching the right opportunity and human being.

Actor becomes a star due to his previous work

His Uri film started as a commercial solo hero's innings. However, as a father, I think Masan made him a credible actor. Any artist becomes a star when his previous works have been good. Vicky started getting credibility from Masaan and by coming to Sanju, he became stronger.

Uri got stardom

Then when Uri came and solo hit, Vicky's stardom started from there. Producers understood that Vicky's face value could also be a hefty recovery. Uri installed him as Hero Material. I consider myself lucky that we have been successful in keeping Vicky grounded due to the right upbringing. The checks that we get from the first film to the present day movies are kept in the temple of our house. That check stays in the same temple for one or two days.

One crore rupees given in PM care fund

Thank God that he made Vicky worthy that he also deposited Rs 1 crore in PM Care Fund. I would like every father's son to be worth it. Today the whole family is being known as Vicky Kaushal. What can be a greater gift than this?

Will celebrate birthday with family

Vicky is not used to giving Lavish party on his birthday. Last time too, he had his birthday, then celebrated with some people at home. This time there is a lockdown. Vicky is his helper, the younger son Sunny specializes in cooking. We are the ones who are going to celebrate it by creating something among themselves.

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