Jacqueline Fernandes Says When It Somes To Work She Does Not Feels Lockdown

Jacqueline Fernandez says that when she has work, she does not feel a lockdown at all.

Bollywood Sunshine Girl actress Jacqueline Fernandez definitely knows how to use time and maintain a positive attitude towards things even during the lockdown caused by the epidemic. It is good to motivate others by using their time well! When Jacqueline was asked about her experience of being busy during lockdown, the actress said, “Yes, the release of my film, promotion, singing with Salman, singing with Badshah, magazine shoot and now show-when work. When it comes to this, I don't even feel like I'm in lockdown, thankfully it's happening. “

The actress added, “Personally I am trying to stay positive and doing all that I can to keep myself busy. I try to be as productive as possible. Staying at home and doing my daily chores Not to go out, overall it has been a difficult time for everyone, but I am very fortunate that I have been able to keep myself busy. We should use this time as much as possible. Also I hope that at the end of this difficult time, we will all start our normal lives once again. “

Jacqueline has been busy promoting her recent release 'Mrs. Serial Killer' for the last few days, in which she has appeared in an unseen character.

In addition to 'Tere Bina' with superstar Salman Khan, the actress has also given some great hits like 'Mere Angane Mein' and 'Genda Phool'. She has even introduced a show called 'Home Dancer' shot at home to entertain her audience during lockdown, in which she was the host of the show.

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