Bollywood News In Hindi : Chef Vikas Khanna teamed up with Bigg Boss fame Laxminarayan Tripathi to feed 2 million people | किन्नर अखाड़ा प्रमुख लक्ष्मीनारायण त्रिपाठी के साथ मिलकर शेफ विकास खन्ना ने 20 लाख लोगों तक खाना पहुंचाया

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 12, 2020, 12:49 PM IST

Celebrity chef Vikas Khanna has been running the Feed India campaign since the time of lockdown to help the destitute and the hungry. The NDRF team is supporting them in this noble cause. Another part of the campaign is also joined by Bigg Boss Fame-Kinnar Arena chief Lakshminarayan Tripathi. This attempt named 'Barkat' has brought food to 2 million people. Its video development has been shared on Instagram. By combining this number, they have already reached food to more than 120 lakh needy people.

Lakshminarayan himself gave Barkat

Prior to this, Vikas had told the advice of Kinnar Guru Lakshminarayan Tripathi through another video that he should also try to provide food to the disabled, eunuchs, sex workers, AIDS patients, orphanages, lepers and old age homes. After all arrangements were made, Lakshminarayan sprinkled Barkat grains on the food packets to be sent so that it could fill more and more people.

Food delivered to more than 120 lakh people

Vikas has shared a video on Friday that together with the team of NDRF, they have reached 120 lakh people so far. Vikas is in New York, but he is constantly working to deliver food to the needy. However, he could not attend this Barkat event. But some friends gave him the pleasure of being present in this event through photo editing. Photo Vikas has shared on Instagram.

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