Bollywood News In Hindi : Manoj Bajpayee was offered the role before Irrfan Khan in the film Haasil, director Tigmanshu Dhulia told why he could not get the National Award | फिल्म में इरफान खान से पहले मनोज बाजपेयी को ऑफर हुआ था रोल, डायरेक्टर तिग्मांशू धूलिया ने बताया क्यों नहीं मिल सका नेशनल अवॉर्ड

Dainik Bhaskar

May 16, 2020, 05:00 AM IST

Mumbai (Amit Karna). Irrfan made a mark of his best acting with a negative character in the film Haasth released on May 16, 2004. Irrfan also received the Best Villain Filmfare Award for this film. Recently, in a conversation with Bhaskar, the film's director Tigmanshu Dhulia said that this role was given to Manoj Bajpayee before Irrfan.

Director Tigmanshu says, I first offered the role to Manoj Bajpayee for Rannvijay Singh. Irrfan was more of a friend, but I knew Manoj very well. Being busy, he refused and said not to play villain. I explained to him but at that time he did not know what and he refused. I had no other option, so I thought that now I have to do it with Irfan. Irrfan left Allahabad 10 days before the shooting of the film. He met with everyone there. Got the mood of Allahabad and student leaders.
There were problems in shooting:
When I went to the Allahabad University campus to shoot this film, I was not allowed to shoot there. Despite that I had all the permissions to shoot. If we do not show Allahabad University in bad light, then the student leaders there did not allow me to shoot there, but I told them that if Ramayan is made then there is Ram in it and Ravan is also there.

The film did not get a distributor for a year: We made the film but it could not be released for a year. We kept showing the film to almost all the big distributor actors producers in Mumbai. Everyone praised him, but no one showed interest in buying him. Everyone seemed to know whether people would come to theaters on Irfan's face value. Then a year later, Shringar Films showed interest in distributing the film. The first time Irfan was seen by Vishal Bhardwaj, he took him to Maqbool. Maqbool began to be created after Achieve, but was released first.

Cult status: That film, which my first producer did not release properly, due to which the film did not get much commercial success then. Later, however, when the next generation saw it on DVD and YouTube, the film got a cult status.

Could get National Award: The producers were not releasing the film in the manner in which I had a fight with the producer. Due to which our producer did not send the film to the National Award nomination. Otherwise I am sure Irrfan or I would have got the National Award for that film as well.

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