Kamariya Lachke Re Song Awdhesh Premi Yadav Music Video

Bhopuri Song is widely heard on YouTube. These days a Bhojpuri song is becoming quite popular on YouTube. It has received more than 2 crore views so far. Watch this Dhansu Bhojpuri music video here.

Bhojpuri songs are often included in YouTube's trending list. These songs are widely heard and seen on YouTube as well as social media. One such song 'Kamariya Lachke Re' is being well liked on YouTube. This Bhojpuri song is sung by Awadhesh Premi Yadav. It has been written by Bo Vicky Vishal. At the same time, this music has been directed by P. Krishna.

The music of this song by Awadhe Premi Yadav is quite dainty. In this song, Awadhesh Lover is talking about the elasticity of a girl's waist and her beauty. The popularity of this Bhojpuri song can be gauged from the fact that this song released last year has been viewed on YouTube more than 2 crore times i.e. 25,292,898 times. This Bhojpuri Song has started climbing on the tongue of Bhojpuri Jawar. On hearing this music, the feet of people start to tremble.

Watch this popular song of Awadhesh lover here

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NyUrF3JiIw (/ embed)

Awadhesh Premi Yadav is a well known singer of Bhojpuri industry. He has given many superhit songs and music videos. People come from far and wide to see and hear their live events. Avdhesh Mishra has also sung a song with many Bhojpuri stars.

Let us tell you that last year a complaint was filed against 14 singers of Bhojpuri industry including Awadhesh Lover. All these people were accused of singing vulgar songs. Among them, Bhojpuri industry star singer Antara Singh Priyanka was also involved. A person named Nand Kumar Tiwari had lodged a complaint against these people at a police station in Buxar district of Bihar.

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