Bollywood News In Hindi : Director Shashank Khaitan clarified on postponing two films with varun dhawan and fake casting call | फेक कास्टिंग कॉल और वरुण धवन के साथ दो फिल्में टालने पर डायरेक्टर शशांक खेतान ने दी सफाई

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 13, 2020, 05:00 AM IST

Amit Karna

Shooting of films and web shows is stopped in lockdown. In such a situation, there is a sense of return to those who are away from work. Especially in Struggling actors. In such a situation, people taking advantage of their helplessness are also not less. The casting call of films is being circulated under the banner of some big star and producer. A few weeks ago a fake casting call arose with Salman Khan and later Akshay Kumar.

Now on Friday, many cast members of 'Mr. Lele' casting from Dharma Production got a fake call. Not only this, he has also demanded money and favors for the audition from the concerned actor. On this, director Shashank Khaitan explained the situation. On social media it is clear that the film is still stalled, so do not trust its casting call. Director Shashank talked about this in an interview given to Bhaskar.

How should those with fake casting calls be punished?

I have written about this on my social media posts. This is a crime. Those who do so are entitled to punishment. I posted a post about the film not going to start yet. Karan, Varun and I together had decided with the consent of everyone that the shooting of the film would be postponed. Me and Varun will come together again. Either on this film or another project. For now, that film will not be made yet.

Karan and Varun's banner has high expectations from you?

I also have high expectations from myself. But now we have to keep a very accountable attitude towards the situation. Let us create such an environment that everyone can return with safety. The focus of all of us is on creating an environment where everyone can feel safe. We will then take steps.

What is the strategy to shoot a big budget film?

Now we all have to adopt the strategy of weight and watch. While improving the economy is important, the safety of the people is equally important. Many like Dancers, Stunt Artists are financially dependent on all of us. We all need to find a common ground. That is not easy though. On this aspect we will have to take small, but strong steps on this aspect. But there is no answer at this time. We have to take steps. Have to experiment. It will show how successfully we can work.

Will you start shooting soon?

We are reading all the guidelines that have come up by the Producers Guild and the Government. Trying to understand how can they make a film in economy? I would not like to comment on anyone else what decision they have taken? We are with the government and want to support them. No one knows how to deal with it. So we are supporting the government. Following their guidelines. Whatever we are getting permission to do, we are engaged in implementing them. But safety is a top priority for us.

Did Varun have to hold movies with Creative Differences?

There can never be a creative difference between Varun and me. That's because we discus every idea together. Actually, a lot of things have to come together to make a film. Actor, his date budget everything. Both of those films had an army of tall actors. Everyone was not matching dates together. Something was not sitting right. But I am confident that together we will do something very soon.

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