Kangana Ranaut Said Sushant Singh Rajput Wanted To Work With Kamal Jain And He Was Anxious About Work

Kangana Ranaut has given a statement for the second time on the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput. This time too, he has blamed the big banners and actors of Bollywood for his death. He said that he was very upset about the work. Even after giving hits like Chhichor, he did not have work.

Actor Kangana Ranaut once again gave a statement on the death of Sushant Singh and said that Sushant was worried about work. She said that she had never met Sushant, but both had many common friends. Earlier, he had criticized the Gatekeepers on Bollywood and accused them of creating a negative atmosphere around Sushant.

Kangana Ranaut said in an interview to Pinkvilla, 'Sushant and I never talked. I don't even remember that we ever talked – but we had many close friends like Sandeep Singh and Kamal Jain. There were many people among them who were very close to Sushant. I know what was going on in her life because she was very close to him.

Wanted to work with this producer

Kangana recalled the talk of producer Kamal Jain, in which she spoke to Sushant Singh for the last time. He said, 'Kamal ji told me that he had talked to Sushant last Monday and he was very upset. He said that Sushant had never talked to him like this before. Sushant told Kamal – Make a big film with me, friend. I have given Chichhore, I have given a hit film but even after that I do not have any big film. I do not have the work I want to do.

Stripped movies

Kangana Ranaut further said, 'Kamal ji had assured him to work together after the lockdown was over, but he was going to meet on Thursday, but it all happened. So it is clear that he was under stress regarding work. People are talking about it too. He said that he had many big banners' films but was later made up. He was the first choice for the films Ram-Leela and Bajirao Mastani. But he did not get both films, which proved to be huge hits.

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