Bollywood News In Hindi : Handwriting analysis of late actor sushant singh rajput | हैंडराइटिंग ने खोले सुशांत के स्वभाव के राज, एक्सपर्ट बोले-‘भाग्य ने उनका बहुत साथ दिया लेकिन व्यक्तित्व ने उनका साथ कम दिया’

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 19, 2020, 07:48 PM IST

Sushant Singh Rajput's untimely demise has shaken the film industry. All are trying to find out in some way whether Sushant was really a victim of depression or for some other reason he took this step. Rarely can we get the right answers to these, but still something can be understood.

Recently on social media, Shraddha Kapoor shared a post in Sushant's handwriting. Handwriting analyst Ashish Johri has tried to understand Sushant's mind through this writing. Ashish Johri has studied hundreds of handwriting samples over the last 12 years.

Ashish said, 'Since this handwriting sample is old, only his state of mind at that time would be more clear than this. Handwriting sample of that time will be used to know the situation before death. But through this available sample, we know about some things which are becoming clear.


Sushant was a very well liked person. His deep connection with music is clearly visible. Such people usually face the ups and downs of life very well. His focus was very strong and the concentration was excellent. His goals were very high but he did not appear to be a person living in the dream. The energy to achieve the goal was also rich in them. His energy was very well adjusted to his day. There is no tendency to waste time in a worthless thing.

Such was Sushant's nature: He was not extroverted. They were not even introverted. The middle nature was his. Yes, he used to control himself a lot. When such people express themselves, there is an explosion. If you do not speak, you will not speak, if you have spoken, then you shout. He had some such nature. He was quite an intellectual kind of person. He had an inclination towards science, philosophy and spirituality. Because they could think very high. There were also very articulate and versatile. They must have done many things in a very beautiful way.

The trend was to get away from the world: Ashish further explains, 'He used to come in front of the world in exactly the same way. This nature is completely opposite from the tricks of the film world. Due to this nature, they will be very upset. Vidral Simpatam is also seen in his personality. It can be understood as a way of retreating, isolating yourself, stepping away from the world, etc. Such individuals are often discouraged quickly, quickly become over-zealous, quickly start feeling embarrassed.

Ashish further said, 'There is also a little domination in Sushant. “My word is the last word” is also showing the nature of status. Because of this, our relationships with people around us start to deteriorate. There is no depression in this handwriting sample.

Sushant was different from the rest: Ashish Johri further said, 'All things mixed up, it seems that his personality was not at all like that of film actors. His nature was also such that he could reduce the adjustment. Getting work done by tricks was not a part of his nature. Luck supported them a lot. His personality supported him less.

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