Bollywood News In Hindi : Sushant Singh Rajput’s US-based sister Shweta singh kirti deletes social media profiles | सुशांत की याद में लिखी पोस्ट डिलीट करने के बाद उनकी बड़ी बहन श्वेता ने बंद कर दिए अपने सोशल मीडिया अकाउंट

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 20, 2020, 11:59 AM IST

Shweta Singh Kirti, elder sister of Sushant Singh Rajput, has deleted her social media accounts. Shweta arrived in India from the US on June 17 and on June 18, she took part in Sushant's bone immersion in Patna. Earlier, Shweta shared several posts on her social media accounts remembering Sushant, but now the accounts deleted in her name are seen on Facebook and Instagram.

The last post was also deleted: Shweta had written an emotional post for Sushant on Facebook on Wednesday but later deleted it. He also shared a card with the post that Sushant had once written for him.

Shweta wrote, 'My baby, my babu, my baby is no longer physically present with us but is fine. I know that you were going through a lot of pain and I also know that you were fighter and fighting with strength. Sorry my gold. Sorry for the pain you endured. If I could take your pain and give you all the happiness, I would definitely do so. Your glowing eyes taught the world how dreams are seen. Your innocent smile made your heart feel sacred. Wherever you are, be happy, be sure that you have received and will continue to have immense love.

Shweta further said, “I want to say to all the loved ones that it is a test hour but whenever there is a chance. Choose love over hate. Choose compassion above anger and resentment, keep compassion above selfishness and forgive. Forgive yourself and forgive everyone. Everyone is fighting their battles. Never let your heart stop at any cost! '

Screenshot of Shweta's last Facebook post

Died on 14 June: Sushant committed suicide by hanging himself in his Mumbai home on the morning of 14 June. On 15 June, he came to Mumbai from Patna and then Sushant's funeral was performed in the presence of the family. Shweta was able to come to India from the US on 17 June and due to this she could not attend Sushant's funeral on 15 June. Shweta has lived in California for the past several years. He is a fashion designer.

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