Bollywood News In Hindi : two films announced on sushant singh within a week of death Sushant Singh Rajput | सुशांत जीते जी 7 फिल्मों से निकाले गए थे, मौत के हफ्ते भर के अंदर दो मेकर्स ने किया उनकी बायोपिक बनाने का ऐलान

  • Nikhil Anand will make films in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu language on Sushant's life
  • Vijay Shekhar Gupta and Shamik Moolik also announced to make Sushant's biopic

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Jun 21, 2020, 07:48 PM IST

Engineering student, background dancer, TV actor and then Bollywood's shining star Sushant Singh Rajput has become a story. Sushant, who committed suicide on June 14, is now going to be a biopic. Two makers have announced this. The first biopic has been announced by director Nikhil Anand. His film will be released in 2022, for which the money will be raised from the Public Fund. Director Shamik Moolik has also spoken about making a film on Sushant's life.

The film will be made in three languages

Nikhil Anand will make films on Sushant's life in three languages ​​Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Apart from this, the official social media page of this anonymous film will be made. According to mid-day news, Nikhil has described the film as a tribute to Sushant. They say- I want to immortalize them in the cinema world. I hope that by taking lessons from this, Bollywood will prefer talent over nepotism.

Anand says, “The film will also be launched in the next few months as soon as the epidemic conditions improve. In the meantime the team will work on the story and cast. The film will be released across the country. We try to release it worldwide.” Will have to do so that people will be inspired by Sushant's life. For the preparation of the film, Anand has planned to meet Sushant's relatives, family and friends so that the story is true. ”

Shamik said- I will expose Bollywood

Vijay Shekhar Gupta and Shamik Moolik have also announced to make a film on Sushant. The title of the film will be- Suicide or Murder- A Star Wage Lost. Shamik will tell in his film how Sushant, a non-film background, made his mark in the industry. Shamik has said in an interview that he will expose Bollywood through this film. He will mention every incident that happened to Sushant in the film that forced him to end his life.

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