Sonu Nigam Lashes Out On Bhushan Kumar For Being Mafia Says Will Post You Video Of Marina Kanwar | VIDEO: टी सीरीज के मालिक भूषण कुमार पर भड़के सोनू निगम बोले

In a new video released by Sonu, he has directly targeted Bhushan Kumar, chairman and MD of T-series.

The country's famous playback singer Sonu Nigam recently released a video, accusing a Bollywood actor of being tanned as well as in the music industry, although he did not name anyone during this time, but released by Sonu In a new video, he has directly targeted Bhushan Kumar, chairman and MD of T-series. Sonu shared a video on Instagram on Monday morning, in which he wrote in the caption. “The mafia of the people do not listen to things.”

In the video, he says, “Bhushan Kumar, now I have to take your name. And now you deserve me. You screwed the wrong man.”

Sonu further says, “You have forgotten that time when you come to my house, do my Bhai Bhai Merry album. Do Bhai 'Deewana'. Bhai, introduce Smita Thackeray, introduce Bal Thackeray. Save Abu Salem . Abu Salem is abusing .. Do you remember? Do you remember or not all these things? I am telling you, do not touch my mouth.

Sonu further said, “Remember the Marina cover, don't you know why she spoke, why she backed out. The media knows how the mafia functions. Her video is with me. Now if you Screwed up by me, then I will put that video in my YouTube channel. Understand? Don't be afraid of me. “

In his recently released video, Sonu Nigam appealed to the two music companies without naming, that they should be kind to the new artists who came in the industry, otherwise music industry like Sushant Singh Rajput There can be news of suicide of an artist.

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