Bollywood News In Hindi : After 10 years, Sushmita Sen made a comeback, says – ‘I was fired from films at the last moment without my conscent’ | 10 सालों बाद सुष्मिता सेन ने किया कमबैक, बोलीं- ‘मुझे बिना बताए आखिरी वक्त में फिल्मों से निकाल दिया जाता था’


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Bollywood’s best actress Sushmita Sen has come back to acting after 10 years. The actress’ web series’ Arya ‘has been released on June 19 on Disney Plus Hotstar, for which she is getting much appreciation. Sushmita has a special conversation with Bhaskar about her comeback and acting career.

What was the reason for keeping a distance from films for 10 years?

First of all, I consider myself very lucky that I was away from films for 10 years but not from my fans and that’s why I was sure to return to films. Then the reason for staying away from me was that I was not getting a good script. I was getting old school rolls offers. Maybe I was not able to inspire a filmmaker to offer me good roles at that time. I did not like my character, so I took a break and waited for the right role, but when Arya’s director Ram Wadhwani came to me, I liked the story very much and I agreed.

What was the reason for choosing Arya?

My character in Arya is of a very progressive woman. A beloved Dakshi is a journey from a homemaker to don. Is a strong character. 5 seasons have been written before the release of this series.

Ever been fired from movies?

I have seen so many movies where I was fired at the last moment and their number is so much that I have forgotten the count now. I was fired from films without telling them, which I used to get from newspapers. I was not even known to myself and that too when I had announced it and after that, I felt publicly embarrassed, but then I explained to myself that the films which were not made for me were probably not in my luck. Always kept me strong.

In this industry, it is very important for you to trust yourself. Never give so much right to someone that he can make you feel that without him you will not be able to survive in the film industry.

Whenever you feel low in life, how do you get rid of it?

Not every day is the same and I believe that. If any of my efforts fail then the heart hurts because everyone breaks the heart but has to explain himself. It is up to us how soon we stand up. I tell myself that if this attempt fails, next time the effort will succeed. You have to explain yourself.

How is it compared to the rest of the actress?

I am lucky that I do not study much in such a discussion because like the rest, I have never been in the race to make the top 5 in the industry. I am known only for my skills and Top Five is my request, otherwise, I do not mind these comparisons. I do not understand how you can compare the DNA of two humans when they cannot match. this is wrong.

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