Actor Jai Bhanushali Reaction On Tiktok Star Sia Kakkar Suicide Says Suicide Is Not The Solution | Tiktok स्टार सिया कक्कड़ की मौत के बाद गुस्से में दिखे एक्टर जय भानुशाली, बोले

Tiktok star Siya Kakkar was hanged in her own house and committed suicide. The family is deeply shocked by his death. Siya was only 16 years old. Why did they take this step? The police is currently investigating this matter. Famous TV actor Jai Bhanushali has given his response on the Suicide of Tiktok star Siya Kakkar. Also condolences on his demise.

Jai Bhanushali has shared the video on Instagram, in which he is seen saying, “I came to know about Siya Kakkar who has done suicide.” May his soul rest in peace and give strength to the family. But what is happening, what are you guys doing. Something is going on in every person's life. Nobody's life is like this which is going on in this epidemic. But you people cannot take such a step. this is not right. You are reducing your problem, but think about your parents. Those who have invested so much time, energy, emotions, so much on you in 15,20, 30 years and you are losing all their hard work by taking your life in one stroke. ''

Jai Bhanushali further said in the video, “As a father, I am very sad that nowadays how do children take this step so easily, if you have any problem then talk to your friends. See a psychiatrist, but do not take this step. And if someone is doing suicide, please do not inspire him. If someone else is doing suicide, it does not mean that you will too. please.''

While sharing the video, Bhanushali wrote in the caption, “Suicide is not the solution to anything. Think about your parents before taking such a big step. There is nothing greater than parents. Everything will be alright, just keep on fighting. ''

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