When Hanuman Had A Fight With Crocodile In Ramayana Lakshman Aka Sunil Lehri Reveals

Actor Sunil Lahiri is very active on social media these days by playing the role of Laxman in the TV serial 'Ramayan'. He is sharing interesting things related to the shooting of the show with the fans through social media. Now on Twitter, he has shared a video of him, in which he has told the story related to the battle of Hanuman and Crocodile.

In the video, Sunil Lahiri said, “Yesterday's episode was quite interesting, it used lots of graphics, chroma and many miniature models were made. Like the clinic that Sushain Vaidya had, it was a miniature. Sushain Vaidya was fitted in it through chroma. The whole of Hanuman ji is brought up and the whole of it .. Apart from that the mountain which was there was also a miniature where the monks and demons meet. ''

He further said, “The monster was very interesting. You saw the monster's mouth At least five to six types of designs were made for the monster's mouth. One of them was selected, which looked terrible. His entire mold was made and that mold was pasted on the actor's face. Because of this, he looked so terrible.

Sunil Lahiri told, “Apart from this you must have noticed, when Hanumanji goes to take a bath, his crocodile gets fight. The sequences of crocodiles were some real, in which he swims. But fiber-made crocodiles have been used in fight sequences. Mold was also prepared for that. The liquid form of the fiber in the mold was made solid and then it was then given the shape of a crocodile. “The video shared by the actor on social media is being well liked.

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