Neena Gupta shares video and says Mere wala bhool jao in this time of epidemic | नीना गुप्ता बोलीं- ‘मेरे वाला’ की आदत भूल जाओ, शैम्पू और हैंडवॉश में पानी डालकर चला रहीं हूं काम

Dainik Bhaskar

May 16, 2020, 06:33 PM IST

Actress Neena Gupta is in Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand these days. From where recently, while sharing a new video, he asked people to forget the habit of saying 'Mere Wala'. Giving an example of himself, he said that there is a scarcity of goods here and I am using water from shampoo to hand wash. So that it can last for more days.

In the video, Neena told that we had come here in Mukteshwar for 5-6 days, but now it is two months and things are coming to an end. In such a situation, we are working on what is available, and we are saving and using what is about to end. He said that now we have learned to live within a limit while saving. This is a new experience and I am not facing any difficulty in this.

Quit my habit of saying

In the video, Neena says, 'Forget my habits. Forget my Wall Shampoo, my Wall Hand Wash, my Wall Cream, my Wall Tea Tea, my Wall Moisturizer. In Jahan Hoon Na Mukteshwar, everything is found here, but I do not find that one which I used to have in Bombay. So I came here only for 5-6 days, now it is two months, then things are coming to an end.

Work done by adding water to shampoo

He further said that the shampoo was running out that day, then I put water in it and after adding water my hair has been washed three times. In the same way, my handwash was also going to end, so I also put water in it. It has been six days, that too is going on. Anyone can use toothpaste. Leaving cream one day, so that it lasts longer because my one is not available here.

Also learned to save gas

Nina has also learned to save gas. He said, 'My worker had to boil egg and beet, so I boiled them together to save gas. Because there is a cylinder problem and it is not easily found. So I saved gas.

New experience, life changing

She said, 'So we have now learned to live within a limit by saving, no such difficult thing seems to be happening, no difficulty is happening. There is a new habit. Well, if there is no tea leaf, then those who boil it and drink it, drink it. I do not mind. This is a new experience, life has changed, it is changing for good, however the reason for which is changing is very bad. But forget my one. '

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