Shekhar Samun Met The Relatives Of Sushant Singh Rajput In Patna

Famous actor Shekhar Suman met the family of the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput at his home in Patna on Monday. Shekhar Suman gave this information through Twitter. Where he told that he wants to conduct inquiries in Sushant Singh Rajput case with CBI.

He said, “I met Sushant's father. Shared his sorrow. We sat together for a while without saying anything. He still hasn't recovered from this shock. I feel that the best way to express grief is silence.” is.”

The actor wrote in another tweet, “We will not let the case go like this. #JusticeForSushantForum, #CBIInquiry for Sushant.”

On Sunday, Shekhar Suman said that he would meet Sushant's family in Patna and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Shekhar Suman wrote on Twitter, 'I am going to my hometown Patna. There I will meet Sushant Singh's father and pay tribute to him. I will meet Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and demand a CBI inquiry in Sushant's suicide case. All the fans of Sushant should support this. Along with this, he has also written Justice has Sushant Forum and CBI Inquiry Por Sushant with the hashtag.

See Shekhar Suman's tweet here

In an earlier tweet, Shekhar Suman said that Sushant's death is a shocking incident and he has urged people not to believe that Sushant Singh died due to suicide. He has started the Justice for Sushant Forum to conduct a CBI inquiry into the death of Sushant Singh.

Before Shekhar Suman reached, TV actress Ratan Rajput went to Sushant Singh's house and reached the family and after sharing he shared a video on social media. He said that Sushant's father is a very different type of person. He is very strong. She is very bold. I learned from them. She said that whenever she goes to Patna, she will meet Sushant's father.

Watch the video of Ratan Rajput here

Let us tell you that one day after seeking the CBI investigation of Sushant Singh Rajput's suicide, Shekhar Suman told about his son, Study Suman. He said that his son is also going through a similar phase. Study did a lot of roll in a film. He is also going through depression.

Sushant was like a son

Shekhar Suman had said, 'Sushant was like his son. I can feel his father's pass. Because like him my son is also under depression and is going through the same stage. The film industry created many obstacles for him. Once he told me that the idea of ​​committing suicide was coming to his mind.

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