Bollywood News In Hindi : Ekta Kapoor compared Salman Khan to ‘Tere Naam’, why she has long hair | ‘तेरे नाम’ के सलमान खान से एकता कपूर ने की बेटे रवि की तुलना, बताया क्यों रखे हैं लंबे बाल

Dainik Bhaskar

May 15, 2020, 04:25 PM IST

Mumbai. Ekta Kapoor has shown her son's face after a long time. Since then, Ekta has been continuously sharing her son's glimpse. Now recently a video of mother son has surfaced in which Ekta is comparing son Ravi's hairstyle with Salman Khan's film 'Tere Naam'.
Sharing a funny video from Instagram account, wrote, 'Lockdown hair is too long. Mummy sings so bad. What to do with this mother '. In this video, Ekta Kapoor is calling Ravi as Radhe while singing the song 'Tere Naam'. Later he said, 'I thought of cutting hair many times but first came lockdown and now Venus retrograde. Looks like hair won't be cut '

Friend understood the son, daughter: Further Ekta narrated the anecdote, 'One day one of my friends asked me how your daughter is. Further he told the son, Ravi we are gender fluids. When are we going to cut our hairs? Let me tell you that Ekta believes a lot on the planets and does all her work according to them. Due to this, Ekta kept her son's face hidden for many months. Son Ravi is two and a half years old, whom he gave birth with the help of serogacy.

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