Carry Minati, Ajay Nagar, Aamir Siddiqui, Tiktok Vs Youtube

These days, YouTube vs TickTock remains in a constant trend on social media. These two are video blogging sites but there is a lot of difference between them… but why has this controversy started? Learn the entire controversy …

For the past few days, along with lockdown and corona virus on social media, another issue has been in continuous trend and that Youtube vs tiktok. These two are video blogging sites but there is a lot of difference between the two… but still why has this controversy started and why is Justice for Carrie Minati trending on Twitter at the moment? Let us understand deeply this dispute …

What is the dispute?

Some YouTubers are often seen on YouTube roasting tick talkers. During this time, he is seen commenting on the videos of tick talkers, their content and looks. About this, ticker Aamir Siddiqui posted a video on Instagram. In which he called these roost YouTubers quite bad.

He also tagged many people. He also tagged Carrie Minati, who made a roast video on YouTube. Unhappy with this, Carrie Minati posted a video last week in which she roasted many tick talkers including Aamir Siddiqui. However, after Cari Minati's roast, Aamir deleted her video from Instagram. While watching the controversy grow, YouTube also deleted the video of Carry Minati from its platform.

Who are Carrie Minati and Aamir Siddiqui?

Carrie Minati is a YouTuber and her YouTube channel is Carry Minati. The young man who runs this channel is named Ajay Nagar. Ajay Nagar is a 20-year-old YouTuber who was given the title of Best Influencer last year. Ajay has around 16 million subscribers on YouTube. At the same time, Aamir Siddiqui is a Tittock star. The name of whose tick talk handle is Team Nawab on which about 3 million users follow them.

Aamir Siddiqui released new video

After all this controversy, Aamir Siddiqui shared another video in which he not only apologized but also explained why he had posted that video and then deleted it. Aamir told in his new video that there are many rosters on YouTube who were making lewd comments in their roast videos about girls.

Also, he was trolling them on body shaming and jadeer based. Because of these rosters, the girls who made videos on Tick Talk started getting ugly comments and even rape throats. Due to which, Aamir had called rosters bad. Also, he also admitted that he had said some things wrong in his video, due to which he apologizes.

Now Carrie Minati's fans are making these demands

Right now Tick Talkers and YouTubers were continuing to respond to each other through this video that YouTube deleted Carrie Minati's video from its platform. YouTube argued that the rules were being violated in that video. So it was deleted. At the same time, his fans argue that there are many objectionable videos on YouTube which have not been removed. In such a situation, why do you have double behavior by YouTube? In support of Carrie Minati, her fans have launched several hashtags like #justiceforcarry #bringbackcarrysvideo.

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