Bollywood News In Hindi : Hina Khan falls ill during Ramadan, her father for not eating medicine | रमजान में बीमार पड़ीं हिना खान, दवाई न खाने पर पिता से पड़ रही है डांट

Dainik Bhaskar

May 14, 2020, 08:25 PM IST

Mumbai. Hina Khan is following Ramadan with her family these days. The actress is the darling of the family, which can be gauged from her social media posts. Recently, the actress has shared a cute video in which she is getting beaten up by her father. The father also complained that Hina showed tantrums in eating medicine since childhood.

Hina has recently shared a series of stories from her Instagram in which she is getting into a fuss with her father. The father complains, saying that you have not taken medicine, you will not be well. To this, the actress said, “I may have thrown one tablet but have eaten the other”. After a brief debate, the father says to Hina, 'Since childhood you used to tantalize eating medicine'.

Time found for the first time in 10 years:

While sharing the story from her Instagram a few days ago, Hina said that she is busy every year due to work. In such a situation, she never stays with family in Ramadan. Hina was happy that Ramadan was under lockdown. The actress is constantly sharing her Ramadan diary and pictures of quarantine with family.

Shortfilm smartphone seen: Hina Khan has made her debut in television after making a mark in television. After the film 'Hacked', the actress has appeared in the short film 'Smartphone' released on April 24. In it, he portrayed a small town girl who is unaware of the ways of the big city. Kunal Kapoor and Akshay Oberoi are also playing important roles in the film with him.

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