Bollywood News In Hindi : Alia Bhatt says 60 days later- stronger, fitter, better at burpees, much better at skips, much much better at push ups, obsessed with running, super obsessed with eating right and waiting to get back onto the next challenge. | आलिया ने बताई अपनी फिटनेस कंडीशन, बोलीं- पिछले 60 दिनों में पहले से बहुत बेहतर हो गई हूं, खुद काटे अपने बाल

Dainik Bhaskar

May 17, 2020, 03:10 PM IST

Mumbai. Actress Alia Bhatt shared a post-workout selfie on social media on Sunday morning, through which she revealed her current fitness status. Along with this, he also told in this post that he himself cut his enlarged hair.

Sharing the selfie, he wrote, 'After 60 days – stronger, more fit, better at burpies (a kind of exercise), much better at jumping rope, much better at push-ups, obsessive for running, perfect mine- I am even more passionate about Paan and waiting for the next challenge to come. '

Alia cut her hair herself

He further wrote, 'Dear Sohrab Khushrush Shahi I don't know what I would have done without all of you … You guys are very good .. Noni Tucson. # Sohfit 40 days. PS- Yes, I have cut my hair at home, thanks to my loved one who grew up on the occasion when I needed a chop-chop. '

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