Bollywood News In Hindi : Sara ali Khan shares childhood pictures with her friends Ishika Shroff and Vedika Pinto | सारा अली खान ने दोस्तों के साथ बचपन के फोटोज शेयर किए, लिखा- अगर तुम मेरे साथ हो तो जीत हमेशा मेरी होगी

Dainik Bhaskar

May 14, 2020, 02:33 PM IST

Mumbai. Actress Sara Ali Khan once again shared childhood memories by sharing throwback photos on social media. He shared five photos on Wednesday night, through which he introduced two friends of 23 years. While sharing photos, he also expressed his feelings about these two and said that as long as they are with me, I will keep winning.

Two of the photos Sara shared are of her childhood, while the rest are from recent years. Sara wrote with him, 'From being fat to being thin (really) I have known you for 8395 days. Ishika Shroff and Vedika Pinto if you both will be my friends, I will always win. 'Sara has shared her childhood photos many times during the lockdown.

Sara has shared childhood photos many times

Sara has shared her childhood photos on Instagram with funny captions many times before. Recently on Mother's Day, she shared a picture of her mother and grandmother, writing, 'Thank you for giving birth to my mother's mother, mother'. In this photo, Sara is seen on her grandmother's lap.

Earlier on 27 April, while sharing a picture of her childhood, Sara wrote, 'My dream queen … I was always ..'

On 15 April, while sharing another photo of childhood, he wrote, 'Yes, we are like this since childhood'.

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