Bollywood News In Hindi : In new video of Lockdown with the Johars series Yash asked Medicine to cut hair, Papa Karan said – Do not do at home | लॉकडाउन विद द जौहर्स सीरीज के नए वीडियो में यश ने मेडिसिन से हेयर कट करने कहा, पापा करण बोले- घर पर मत करना

Dainik Bhaskar

May 17, 2020, 07:05 PM IST

Videos of Karan Johar and his twins have been entertaining social media users in all three stages of the lockdown. Karan, while sharing a video on Sunday, confirmed this – Do not try Yash's prescriptions at home. However Yash made it even more fun with his innocence.

Conversation on hair cut

In the video, Karan asked Yash that both you and my hair have grown very big, would you like to get a hair cut. On this Yash says- I have got my hair cut just a short time ago. Karan asked that but my hair has also grown a lot, when will we get the hair cut. On this, Yash raises a medicine bottle and says that get it cut.

Karan gets emotional after watching Thank You Celebrities video

Recently another video went viral titled Thank You Celebrities. It showed how the lockdown for celebrities Ellen Degeneres and Amanda Byrne is passing as a vacation they are enjoying in their homes and millions of people are facing problems due to the lockdown. Karan Johar got emotional after watching this video.

Karan apologized on Twitter

Karan shared Anirudh Guha's post on Twitter and wrote- This video has impressed me a lot. I get the feeling that many of my posts were insensitive to many people. I apologize wholeheartedly and would like to state that none of my posts were made intentionally, but it lacked emotional foresight. I apologize.

Fans encouraged Karan Johar

After this emotional post by Karan Johar, many fans came forward to support him. Fans had said that their very cute children are seen in the videos Karan Johar posted during the lockdown. There is nothing wrong in this. Some fans said that Karan Johar's videos are spreading happiness in difficult times of lockdown.

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