Bollywood News In Hindi : Dharmendra is reminded of the village food made on wood stove of the farmhouse | धर्मेन्द्र को गांव की याद दिला रहा फार्महाउस के चूल्हे में बना खाना, उम्मीद जताई काेरोना जल्द भाग जाएगा

Dainik Bhaskar

May 20, 2020, 02:13 PM IST

Man Dharmendra of Bollywood is in his Lonavala farmhouse these days. They were stuck there due to the lockdown. But this time of his is passing close to nature. Sharing a video on Instagram, Dharmendra said – remembered the village, remembered the food of the mother's hand.

Corona expected to end

In the video, Dharmendra is seen saying – I am stuck here, now driving a tractor. I am eating fresh vegetables here. I am enjoying You will take care of yourself, do not panic, this corona will run away soon. Drinking tomato soup.

There is greenery in the farm

The video was shared through a Twitter account, showing the bamboo tree that the tree used to be very high but it fell due to the storm. He has decorated it beautifully with a root that came flying in the storm. Sharing this video, Dharmendra writes, 'Habit ho chalen hai you mary, I tweet anything. The old bamboo had fallen in the storm. Somehow it is handled. His blessings. Live live love you all '.

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