Bollywood News In Hindi : Swara Bhasker Rushes Mumbai To Delhi By Road Amid Lockdown | मां की चोट के चलते सड़क मार्ग से दिल्ली पहुंचीं स्वरा भास्कर, 5 पेट्स और कुक के साथ हुई थीं रवाना

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 01:40 PM IST

Swara Bhaskar has reached Delhi from Mumbai amid lockdown. The reason for the actress's sudden arrival there is said to be an injury to her mother's shoulder. Swara confirmed this in a conversation. He said that the mother's right shoulder was hurt due to the fall and she was worried about him. So he took permission from the Ministry of Home Affairs to travel and left for Delhi by road.

It took two days to reach Delhi
He said, “When I got the news of my mother's fall, I immediately thought of going to Delhi. But it was not possible due to the lockdown. Then as soon as new guidelines came and the process of movement started, I started on the road. Applied for the route to Delhi. The journey was too long. So it took two days to reach. However, the journey was absolutely safe. ”

Swara also told mother's condition
In another conversation, Swara said about her mother, “This is a fracture of the collarbone. So they have to keep the right side of the body stable. Luckily my sister-in-law was in Delhi, so the mother kept helping.” I felt restless and giddy because of not being able to go to Delhi. ”

The night was in udaipur
According to Swara, they have undergone necessary self-isolation and home quarantine protocols. She left for Delhi with her five pets and a cook. After completing the 14-hour journey, she spent the night in Udaipur and reached Delhi after a 10-hour drive the next day.

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