Bollywood News In Hindi : After hair cut Kriti Sanon writes for her sister, You did scare me with your goofy wicked smile and the fact that u were constantly moving your booty on the punjabi tracks while you had my precious tresses in your hand! | कृति सेनन ने छोटी बहन से कटवाए अपने बाल, नुपूर ने लिखा- बहन थी इसलिए जाने दिया..

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 02:31 PM IST

Mumbai. Salons and beauty parlors are also closed across the country due to the lockdown, so her younger sister Nupur became a hairstylist for actress Kriti Sanon and gave her a new hair cut. The video of which the actress shared on her Instagram account on Thursday. During this, there was also a funny conversation between the two on social media.

Sharing the video, Kriti wrote, “narrowly escaped … to see myself, watch it till the end, never got so short hair, but I liked it. Thank you Nupur for giving me this fresh cut.

'I was scared to see a Punjabi song swinging'

Kriti further wrote, 'Postscript – you scared me with your mysterious – wicked smile, and when you had my precious hair in your hand you were swinging on Punjabi songs, I was also scared to see it. #LockdownWithTheSanonSisters #TheSanonSisters'

Got an answer – had a sister so let go

On Kriti's post, Nupur responded in a joking manner, “Sister was so I let her go … Brother would have been….” After writing so much, he posted emojis of many scissors.

Nupur bites while swinging

In the video, Kriti is seen sitting on the couch, while Nupur standing behind her cuts her hair. A Punjabi song is also heard in the background. Nupur also shows periodically chopped hair in his hand. In the last of the video, Kriti looks extremely happy with her new haircut.

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