Bollywood News In Hindi : Dharmendra said – I want to reply to all the comments, but due to less stamina I could not do this | धर्मेंद्र बोले- सारे कमेंट्स के जवाब देना चाहता हूं, लेकिन कम स्टेमिना की वजह से ऐसा नहीं कर पाता

Dainik Bhaskar

May 21, 2020, 05:34 PM IST

Mumbai. Veteran actor Dharmendra is 84 years old these days and is spending lockdown time in his farm house near Mumbai. On Wednesday night, he shared a video on Instagram, in which he said that he wants all fans to respond to his comments, but cannot do so due to less stamina. Sharing this, he wrote, 'Friends, I like your comments. I wish I could answer you all. take care.'

In the video, Dharmendra says' Hello friends, how are you? Reading your comments, very interesting. Yes, I want everyone to answer, but friends, I don't have that stemina right now. I give some answers. Take it with love take care.'

Bougainvillea installed in farm house

Next they say, 'Well, avoid corona, it is very bad, dirty, contagious. Take care of yourself, your children, humanity in every way. Okay. Love you all. I see this, I am putting Bougainvillea all around, it feels good. We are the kings of the mind, passing the time in this way. Okay bye.' Commenting on his post, Randeep Hooda wrote, 'Love you Dharamji'.

Wood stove showed a day ago

A day before this, Dharmendra showed a 'wood stove' in his farm house. He had said, 'My wood stove, the food made on it, seems very delicious. I really remembered my village. My mother used to cook with her hands, on a wood stove, the same taste. Well, that test cannot come in the hands of the mother, but it is something like that. I am stuck at the farm house because of Corona, but it looks good here. '

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