Bollywood News In Hindi : ‘Mastram 2’ web series preparations begin,shooting will kickstart after three month, actor said- caution must be taken in shooting intimate scenes | ‘मस्तराम 2’ वेब सीरीज की तैयारियां शुरू,  तीन महीने बाद शूटिंग शुरू होने पर एक्टर बोले- इंटीमेट सीन शूट करने में बरतनी होगी सावधानी

Dainik Bhaskar

May 22, 2020, 05:00 AM IST

Mumbai. In view of the success of the web series 'Mastram', preparations have been started to make its second season. Its writers have started writing the story. Yes, it is a different matter that this time, seeing the Kovid-19, the more intimate scenes in its first season, it will be truncated in the second season. Its story will start from where the first season ended. Its lead actor is Anshuman Jha, who played Rajaram in the first season.

Shooting will start after three months

Series writer Aryan Sunil explains, 'Mastram season-2 will focus mostly on Rajaram's character and will start season 2 from where Season One ended. We do not know what will be the condition of corona virus in the next three months, but after three months we are thinking about shooting it. At the moment, leaving the intimate scene and writing a story. The intimate scene will be written after three months, when the corona virus situation will clear. Whatever the situation will be in the future, according to the intimate scene will be added '.
Anshuman Jha, who plays the lead character in the series, says, “After the success of Mastram, we are trying to make season 2 of it. The focus will be on Rajaram's love life, which is also shown in season one. My character is of Mastram, who writes XXX books and becomes very popular among people. Yes, I have to be very cautious to shoot intimate scenes. I would not like my girlfriends to hug me when I return home from shooting. I will follow a proper protocol from set to home, because safety is the highest priority at this time '.

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