Bollywood News In Hindi : Arjun Kapoor demanded a mango meal, Katrina Kaif sent the entire box as gifts | अर्जुन कपूर ने की एक आम खाने की डिमांड, तोहफे में कटरीना कैफ ने भिजवा दी पूरी पेटी

Dainik Bhaskar

May 29, 2020, 11:45 AM IST


All Bollywood celebs have been very active on social media since the lockdown, due to which their funny posts are being seen. Recently, when the summer season arrived, Arjun had tagged Katrina on Instagram expressing his desire to eat mangoes. Seeing this, Katrina sent him a box of Mango Slice Juice as a gift.

Arjun shared a picture of a mango from his account a few days ago. With this he wrote, Hello friends, mango season has arrived. And remember seeing Mango, Katrina Kaif what do you want slices. Commenting on this post, Katrina wrote, yes absolutely needed.

After this, a video of Arjun has appeared in which he is seen opening a box full of mango slices. This box has been gifted to him by his close friend Katrina. With this, Katrina has also sent him a letter in which it is written, the fruit of patience is sweet. Seeing the present, Arjun himself is shocked and says, Katrina, I only asked for a bottle of slices, you sent a box of whole slices. Thanks. Now the boss will have to drink. Now teach me to drink like you, Katrina. Commenting on this, Katrina has written a big heart.

Both Katrina and Arjun are close friends. On social media too, both of them keep pulling their legs by commenting on each other's posts. Katrina also shared a picture amid the lockdown in which she was seen making a zoom call from Arjun and Varun Dhawan.

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