If you want to improve your learning, then teach others, this trick will prove beneficial for students preparing for exams. | If you want to improve your learning, then teach others, this trick will prove beneficial for students preparing for exams.

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 12, 2020, 03:59 PM IST

When we teach a topic or subject to others or pretend to teach or prepare for it, we can remember that topic better ourselves. This process is called the protégé effect. This effect can be especially beneficial for students preparing for exams. Actually, when you study to teach, your metacognitive processing is faster which makes you more active for learning. You use effective learning strategies such as organizing the material and removing the most important point of information. With this, when you teach others, first you are motivated to learn yourself. In this case, if you also want to improve your learning, teach.

Use teaching notes

Writer Richard Bak says that we can teach what we want to learn. If we attend a lecture to learn any topic, then we have the lowest ability to remember, ie only 5%. While applying your knowledge it is 75 per cent and when you teach it it is up to 90 per cent. So if you want to remember your subject better, make teaching notes and teach your colleagues.

There are many benefits of the protégé effect.

By teaching others, your learning not only improves, but you also perform better during the tests on the topics learned. Studies show that apart from academic advantages, this strengthens your motor learning thereby improving the processing of information during physical activities. Not only this, your communication skills, confidence and leadership abilities are also developed by the protégé effect.

Summary the topic

What are the three main takeaways of your every teaching session? Takeaways summarize your proposed lectures to highlight and share them at the beginning and end of your lecture. Follow this method even if you attend the lecture yourself. Reflecting on it immediately after learning and writing a summary of it improves your understanding.

Apply knowledge

In teaching a topic, you remove your entire knowledge. Students also want to learn from an active teacher. You become an example for your students and apply your learning in your life and set motivation for them.

Perfect communication

Pay attention to your communication while teaching. The improvement that will come in your communication skills will also be helpful in your career in the future.

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