Poverty was such that he had to give up his studies, but kept on persisting, completed his degree from IIT and became a scientist. Poverty was such that he had to give up his studies, but kept on persisting, scientist completed degree from IIT

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 13, 2020, 07:43 PM IST

Ankit's family lived in Jamui, a small town in Bihar. Father Pradeep Lat was not very educated, nor was there any permanent means of employment. Sometimes used to sell few clothes. Somehow the family was maintained. The earning was not enough to even think of teaching children. But mother Sudha wanted to see her children grow up to be educated and educated. Ankit was the eldest of three brothers. Mother started sending him to a government school next door. When he was in sixth grade, he was given a book by a scientist with a biography of scientists. Ankit was so impressed with his inventions that he decided to grow up to become a scientist. However, he did not know how to become a scientist. Here the children were growing up and it was becoming difficult for the father to raise the bread of June 2. The condition of the house was so bad that at times it did not even have a book-copy.

Missed studies after tenth

In the year 2005, he passed the Class X examination, but it was not possible for the family to bear the cost of further studies. Ankit missed his studies and started helping in father's work. But he still had not given up his dream of becoming a scientist. Wherever found, he used to read. Someone told him that to become a scientist one should study at IIT, but he had no knowledge about IIT. Meanwhile, he read about the Super-30 in the newspaper and went to me. He impressed me on the first visit. Every word of him was as confident. All he needed was a chance. He stayed with us. Along with this, support of a good school was also found. Also got free offer to go to school from tenth to twelfth.

Preparation of IIT with XII

He used to work hard. He went into the depths of every concept and tried to understand it. One would think of solving the same question in different ways. If there was any problem, it would come directly to me, but without finding the answer to the question, it would not take power. Along with the twelfth, he was also preparing for the IIT. After all, the day had also come when he had to appear in the entrance exam of IIT. Where the other students were under stress, Ankit was relaxed. Returning from the examination, the smile on his face was telling from afar that he was confident of his success. As soon as he came, he told me that now my dream of becoming a scientist is nearing completion.

Fulfill the dream of becoming a scientist

When the result came, it was also named in the list. Ankit got admission in IIT, Patna. He went to the University of Houston, USA twice for an internship while still in engineering. After completing his degree, he is working as a scientist in the Ministry of Defense. Under his guidance, one brother is working in Patna Medical College and the other after completing his studies at IIT, Kanpur.

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