Lack of internet and smartphone in rural areas, so now students in madhya pradesh and jammu- kashmir are studying from radio after TV-mobile | Lack of internet and smartphone in rural areas, so now studying from radio after TV-mobile

  • School Education Department of Madhya Pradesh started classes in backward primitive caste areas through radio
  • Only 55% of the students have internet and smartphone service, so the class started on the radio for the rest.

Dainik Bhaskar

Jun 14, 2020, 03:34 PM IST

All states are adopting a variety of methods to continue studies continuously during the Corona crisis. For this, online classes were run through the Internet, then children are being taught through TV somewhere. In this sequence, now Madhya Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir have resorted to radio. In fact, in view of the problems in Internet services and the loss of education due to the absence of smartphones, both the states are helping children continue their education through regional and community radio channels.

One hour class daily in the state

In the educationally backward primitive caste areas of Madhya Pradesh, the School Education Department has started classes through radio. For this, the school program is being broadcast from June 8 at Vanya Community Radio Centers of Tribal Welfare Department. With its help, Bhavra District Alirajpur (Bhili), Khalwa District Khandwa (Korku), Nalachha District Dhar (Bhili), Meghnagar District Jhabua (Bhili), Sesaipura District Sheopur (Sahariya), Chicholi District Betul (Gondi), Tamia District Chhindwara (Bharia) ), Educational program is being broadcast in Chada district Dindori (Bagani) etc. from 11 am to 12 am daily from Monday to Saturday. Before the program is broadcast, information related to the program is broadcast in local languages, so that the parents can continue their education through this program.

9th to 12th students are getting benefit

At the same time, due to problems in mobile internet services in Jammu and Kashmir and lack of smartphones, the State Education Department has taken a major initiative. All India Radio's local station – AIR Bhadravaha, which covers almost the entire Doda district, has been continuously broadcasting one and a half hours of classes daily on 101 MHz since 29 May. Indeed, residents of rural areas with low incomes and unable to impose private tuition were very concerned with the decision to close the schools for long periods due to the lockdown. This initiative to start classes on such radios has helped students in Doda district complete their course between Corono and Lockdown. Authorities in the state started online classes from March 27, connecting all the schools in the district.

However, when the education department came to know that only 55 percent of the students in the district had internet and smartphone service, the department requested Prasar Bharati to provide a time slot on AIR Bhaderwah. Later on getting its permission, daily virtual radio classes were started for students from 9th to 12th from May 29.

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