CBSE Board Cancel News / Results 2020 Update | CBSE 10th 12th Result 2020 Assessment Evaluation Criteria Latest Details on Central Board of Secondary Education | Marks of the remaining papers of 10th-12th will be given based on the numbers of the best performing subjects of the students.

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Jun 27, 2020, 06:08 AM IST

new Delhi. CBSE on Friday issued a notification regarding the assessment scheme after canceling the remaining 10th and 12th examinations. According to this, the students will be given the number of remaining subjects whose examinations have not been done, based on the marks found in their best performing subjects.

The CBSE had told the Supreme Court on Thursday that the decision to cancel the remaining 10th and 12th examinations has been taken. These examinations were to be held from 1 to 15 July. In a re-hearing on Friday, the Supreme Court asked the CBSE to issue notifications in this regard and clear the status of the assessment scheme. After this, CBSE released the assessment of assessment scheme.

Understand the assessment scheme in 10 questions and answers

1. What will be the result of students who had given all the papers of 10th and 12th?
The result of all the papers that have been given will be decided on the basis of their performance in the exam. They will not have the option of giving internal assessment or subsequent examination.

2. What will happen to those who have given more than 3 subject exams?
If more than three papers have been given, then only on the basis of the average marks of the three best performing subjects, they will be given the number of subjects for which they have not been given the paper. That is, the average marks will be decided on the basis of best of three.

For example, there is a student who had given papers in English, Computer Science, Social Science and Maths, but could not give Chemistry paper. Suppose he had the best performance in English, Maths and Social Science. He got an average of 90 out of 100 in these three subjects. In such a situation, he will get 90 numbers in the remaining papers of the chemistry.

3. What will happen to those who have been able to give only 3 subject papers?
Such students will be given the remaining paper numbers based on the average marks of their two best performing subjects. That is, the best of two.

4. What happens if you live in North-East Delhi and were able to give only one or two 12th papers due to the violence in February?
According to CBSE exam controller Sanjay Bhardwaj, there are very few students of class 12th, who were able to give only one or two papers. Results of such students will be included in their internal assessment, practical or project performance. Also, marks of one or two subjects will also be added to the results, whose papers they had given.

5. Will the remaining papers of 12th be later?
When the atmosphere is fine, then the remaining papers of 12th will be there. Its date is not fixed yet.

6. Will all the students be able to give the remaining papers of 12th standard?
No. Students who are not happy with their results, will have the option of giving paper later. Those who are happy with the result, there is no need to give the paper later.

7. If the internal assessment has been done now and later a student gives the remaining papers, then which assessment will be counted in the final result?
Even if you have got good numbers in the results declared on the basis of internal assessment, but if you are choosing the option of giving the remaining paper, then the final result will be decided only on the numbers found in those papers.

8. Will 10th students have the option of giving improvement exam?
No. There will be no improvement exam for 10th class students. The result that the board will issue will be considered as final.

9. When will the basis of internal assessment be released?
CBSE has stated in the Supreme Court that the 10th and 12th results can be released by July 15.

10. Whether students benefit from this scheme?
This can be seen in two ways.

  • The first– Students who were preparing for the entrance exam after 12th and who have a good performance in two-three subjects, will get good marks for the remaining subjects as well. Such students will benefit from this scheme.
  • Second– Students who feel that the numbers have not improved in their two-three subjects and who were thinking that they will improve their final score by giving the remaining paper, are also not at a loss. They can check their results based on internal assessment. If they are not happy with the result, then they can improve their final score by giving the remaining paper exam later.

29 subjects did not have exams
This case is related to the examination of 29 subjects of 10th and 12th subjects. CBSE 12th Subject Paper had 12 papers left. At the same time, due to the violence in north-east Delhi, there were 11 papers of 12th and 6 papers of 10th. In this way, more than 10 lakh students of 10th and 12th had to give papers of 29 subjects in total. These examinations were to be held from 1 to 15 July.

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