IAS Success Story Made Up My Mind To Go To UPSC After High School Vaibhav Became IAS In First Attempt Due To Hard Work

Success Story of IAS Topper Vaibhav Gondane: Today, you will tell the story of Vaibhav Gondane, who became an IAS officer by achieving All India Rank 25 in UPSC Exam 2018, who fulfilled his dream by achieving his goal at the age of just 22. His strategy worked in the first attempt and he passed the UPSC exam. The special thing is that he had set his goal only after high school. In such a situation, he started preparing for UPSC long ago, which benefited him during the exam.

Strong Motivation Required

Vaibhav, originally from Pune, Maharashtra, believes that everyone gets a motivation behind coming to UPSC. Most people come here with the dream of serving the country. If you have some kind of motivation in your mind too, then you can work long hours for UPSC exam. People who come here after seeing the bungalow, the car and the status, end this journey only after a few months. They believe that if you come here, there should be a strong reason behind it.

Divide syllabus

Vaibhav believes that for the preparation of UPSC, you should divide your syllabus into two parts. Keep the first part for reading and the second part for writing. Overall, if you give equal time to both the things, then your preparation will be better. For this exam, both reading and writing are very important. Apart from this, you should keep an eye on things around you, apart from books. Keep complete information about current affairs.

Watch Vaibhav’s interview with Delhi Knowledge Track here

Vaibhav’s advice to other candidates

Vaibhav believes that if you prepare for UPSC with limited books, you will have plenty of time to revise. Apart from this, you were also analyzing the preparation by giving answer writing, mock test paper. Read the newspaper daily and be aware of the events happening around. If you take care of all these things then you can get success in UPSC.

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