Make such a kitchen garden, fresh vegetables will also be found and boredom will also be away

new Delhi: Coronavirus (Coronavirus)) Many people are doing a lot of work from home during the transition period and the normal social life has reduced. In such a situation, do you also want to do some useful and creative work. For this, it would be best to create your own kitchen garden. Take some time out of the day and focus on building your kitchen garden. You can grow fruits and vegetables in it. Its biggest advantage will be that it will be clean and free of pesticides. So let's know what things you can grow at home and how to take care of them.

First of all, you have to plan what you want to grow. Do some planning and then start working on it. If you want, you can grow coriander in your pot at home. Apply coriander seeds with a little gap in the pot. It needs water again and again. It sprouts in two weeks. Also, when it starts growing, it grows very fast.

Always choose a part of the house for gardening where the sunlight reaches sufficiently. Also, in the soil in which you will grow, note that there is sufficient amount of water in the soil.

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-We understand the importance of mint in summer. It is also very easy to apply. For this, all you have to do is take out the mint leaves and apply the remaining stems in your pots. Keep in mind that the stem you are going to plant should be rooted.

– Green chillies can also be grown in pots but for this you will need a place with little shade, not of very hot sun. Remove the seeds from any dry chillies. Then sprinkle these seeds in pots. Give water properly.

-Take care of your plants. Do not forget to apply them. If there are no pots, plants can be grown in plastic trays also. If there are bad buckets at home, old canisters of oil, then you can use them too. But you have to do one thing. 2 – 4 holes have to be made under them so that water drainage continues.