After all, why do celebrities commit suicide? The answer to this question will be found here

new Delhi: Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput is like a shock to any Indian cinema lover. At this time, from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, all the big leaders and people of cinema are expressing sorrow. A question is repeatedly coming in people's mind. Why do celebrities get suicide? We have tried to know about it from all the big psychologists of the country…

These are the famous celebrities who commit suicide
Sushant Singh Rajput
Zia Khan
Divya Bharti
Guru Dutt
Parveen Bobby
Manmohan Desai
Kuljeet Randhawa
Nafisa Joseph

Social pressure is a big reason
Dr. Ekta Soni, a psychiatrist at Apollo Hospital located in Delhi, says that not only in Bollywood but also in Hollywood, you must have heard the news of suicide of big celebrities. There is social pressure on almost all artists. These celebrities expect good hit films and big names after hard work. While there are many reasons behind whether movies are a hit or not. In such a situation, it is very difficult to live between debt or other pressures. In such a situation, it is considered as an easy way to suicide.

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Most celebrities are psychopaths
Director of the Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Science (IHBAS), Dr. Nimesh Desai said in a conversation with Zee News Digital that a simple reason for committing suicide is that the person is a mental patient. In the cinema world, mental pressure and social pressure are common for celebrities. Some time ago Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone admitted in a TV interview that she had been a victim of depression for a long time. Many celebrities get cured by getting treatment for such mental illness. But many times the disease becomes serious which later takes the form of suicide. This is why most psychiatric experts recommend treatment in case of any mental problem.