A bad news for people who have survived the corona virus, this is the risk of getting the disease

London: Currently, the coronavirus vaccine has not yet been prepared. But in the meantime another bad news is coming. Even if you survived the fatal attack of corona virus, it will not be easy to get relief. Scientists claim that the corona virus can now spread non-infectious disease among people.

Risk of diabetes
Stephanie A. from King's College London, UK All scientists, including Emil, state that according to clinical analyzes conducted so far, there is a dual or bilateral relationship between Kovid-19 and diabetes. In research published in the New England Journal of Medicine, they have reported that a person infected with the corona virus may have diabetes and may have malformations in their digestive system and can be fatal. However, he also says that it is not clear what effect Corona virus (SARS COV2) has on diabetes.

Scientists say that the person suffering from diabetes is more prone to get infected with corona virus and death from infection. He says that 20 to 30 percent of the people who died from Kovid-19 were suffering from diabetes. Earlier research has stated that the ACE-2 protein that binds to the corona virus and gives it a way to enter the human cell is not just in the lungs but other organs and tissues involved in digestion of glucose, such as … pancreas, It also occurs in the small intestine, adipose tissue, liver and kidney.

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Researchers say that by entering these tissues, the virus can cause complex disturbances in glucose digestion. Scientists believe that it is possible that the corona virus alters the digestive process of glucose, causing complications in people with diabetes or risk of a new disease.

Francesco Rubino, professor of metabolic surgery at King's College London, said, “Diabetes is the disease affecting the most people and we now understand the problems of complications caused by two epidemics.”