Lung cancer is caused due to these reasons, do not forget this work

Lung cancer is caused by many reasons but cigarettes are considered to be the main reason for this. In many countries, lame cancer occurs due to smoking.

Cancer disease has become very common in our country. There are different types of cancer and they take birth in the body due to different reasons. One of these is lung cancer ie lung cancer. This happens for several reasons. Let's know about the reasons that cause this cancer to people.


Smoking is the number one cause of cancer. Cigarette smoking causes lung cancer in people. A patient with cigarette lang cancer is more likely to die than a patient with cancer due to other reasons. If you want to keep your langs healthy, do not drink cigarettes at all.

Do not go to the person smoking

Lame cancer can be caused not only by smoking cigarettes but also by coming in contact with that person while smoking. When we are standing and breathing near the person smoking cigarette, then cigarette smoke reaches our body which can cause cancer.

Radon gas also causes cancer

Radon is a natural gas that causes cancer of people. This gas is produced due to rocks and dirt. There is no smel or test of this gas made from hills and dust. Hence lang cancer is found in those living in mountainous areas.

Working in chemical factory increases the risk

At the same time, people who work in silica, diesel, arsenic or other chemical factory also have an increased risk of lung cancer. This danger is more than those who smoke.

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