Scientists got big success, discovered special medicine for corona patients

new Delhi: Eyes around the world Coronavirus Vaccine Rests on Meanwhile, an important information related to the corona vaccine has been revealed. British scientists have discovered a drug for corona virus patients, which reduces mortality. According to information, scientists in the UK have discovered an inexpensive and widely available drug called Dexamethasone for corona virus patients. Which can save the lives of seriously ill patients with the corono virus.

Researchers say that the first such evidence has been found that a drug can be effective in saving the patients of Kovid-19. The use of a steroid called dexamethasone reduced the death rate of critically ill patients by one-third. After the use of the drug, the mortality rate of patients undergoing treatment with respiratory machines decreased by 35 percent. People who were being given oxygen help also reduced the death rate by 20 percent. Dexamethasone is given as an injection or tablet. It has become the first useful drug for dangerous disease like corona virus.

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According to reports, the team said, the daily dose of the drug dexamethasone could save one in eight ventilated patients. While only one in every 25 patients who need oxygen can be saved.

Professor Martin Landre of the University of Oxford who is co-leading the test said, 'The results show that if corona patients are on ventilator or oxygen, then dexamethasone is given to the patients. Which will save lives and will happen at a lower cost. It can be used to save lives around the world.