careful! Your sanitizer may be poisonous, CBI issues alert for the first time

new Delhi: Most doctors are recommending to use Hand Sanitizer to prevent coronavirus. But doing this sanitizer can prove to be dangerous instead of your defense. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has issued an alert for the first time saying that such sanitizers are also being sold in the country which are dangerously toxic. This may threaten people's lives.

Methanol is being used in sanitizer
The CBI has alerted the police and law enforcement agencies across the country on the basis of information received from Interpol that several gangs are selling hand sanitizers made using very toxic methanol and another type of gang is also working which Describes himself as a medical supplier associated with PPE and Kovid-19. The officials gave this information on Monday.

Use of such sanitizer is very dangerous
Officials said that Interpol, a global police cooperation agency, has informed that fake hand sanitizers are being made using methanol. Methanol is a very toxic substance. He said that information has also been received from other countries about the use of poisonous hand sanitizer during Kovid-19. An official said, “Methanol can be very toxic and can prove dangerous to the human body.”

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New cases of fraud are also coming
Officials said that after getting information from Interpol, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) immediately alerted the police officers to be alert about the gang, who are engaged in immediate cashing in this manner. Interpol has its headquarters in Lion and is responsible for coordinating with it in India.

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He said that as the world came under the grip of the corona virus epidemic and the world's economy was suffocating, many organized criminal groups have emerged internationally, making money from illegal activities and representatives of Kovid-19 equipment companies They are being cheated

Sources in the agency said that some criminals are contacting hospitals and health officials as representatives of the manufacturer of PPE kits and equipment associated with Kovid-19. Taking advantage of the scarcity of such goods, they get advance payment online from the authorities and hospitals, but after taking the money they do not object to the goods.