Covid-19 study: patients without symptoms are more at risk of spreading the infection

new Delhi: A new study has emerged regarding the spread of Coronavirus infection. It has been claimed that those who live with the patient are more likely to be infected with this virus than those who do not live with the patient.

Researchers based in China (China) and the US (US) assessed the “secondary attack rate” among 350 Kovid-19 patients in Guangzhou City, China, and 2000 people in close contact. What is the possibility of transmitting the disease to others.

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The study found that the probability of infection among the patient living with the patient was 17.1 percent while the probability of transmitting the infection to those who did not live was 2.4 percent.

The results of the study also revealed that the probability of home infection was highest among those who were more than 60 years old and the lowest among those below 20 years of age.

The probability of infecting a family or live-in partner with COVID-19 is twice that of SARS and three times higher than that of MERS.

Surprisingly, research has also shown that people who do not have symptoms of corona virus, the probability of spreading the infection in people living with them is 39 percent more than the patients with symptoms.

Qin-Long Jing of the Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention stated, “However, the effect of case isolation seems to be moderate. The high infectivity of the virus during the incubation period suggests that a patient without symptoms remains in the quarantine infection. Prevents it from moving forward. ”

Researchers have claimed that the way the epidemic is growing, their findings may help reduce infection in such circumstances.