Diet should be included in the diet in summer, body will get benefit

During the summer season, the body engulfs many diseases. To protect the body from these diseases, we should include many important things in our diet.

new Delhi: The heat continues to wreak havoc in the country. In many places, the heat is proving fatal. In such a situation, we have to include some important diet in our diet to avoid this heat. So that the body can get some relief from the heat. Although there are many things that are beneficial in summer, but we will tell you about some very important things.


Curd must be consumed in summer. Curd should be eaten daily during the day. Yogurt can be used in many ways. Its raita can be made. Lassi of curd can be made or it can be eaten by mixing it with sugar. Yogurt is also very beneficial for the intestines.

coconut water

Coconut water is also very beneficial in summer. It is full of electrolytes. There is a lot of minerals, enzymes and vitamins in coconut water. All these elements are used to keep the body safe from the heat. Coconut water increases the surface of sodium and potassium in the body. It is also used to remove water deficiency from the body.


Salad must be eaten in summer and cucumber should be used in salads too. Cucumbers are high in water. Vitamins A, B and K are found in it. Cucumber also hydrates the body. The amount of extra calories present in the body can be reduced by eating cucumber.

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