AIIMS study for migraine patients, people recovering from this therapy

new Delhi: AIIMS conducted a study on migraine patients coming to the Department of Neurology in the month of May, in which it was found that if the patients were given yoga for 3 days a week along with the medicines of migraine, then their disease could be cured much faster. Headache can be significantly reduced.

AIIMS conducted a study on 114 patients, half of which were given only medicines, while half of the patients were also given regular yoga exercises along with medicines 3 days a week.

Pranayama included some yogic exercises and meditation such as relaxation exercises. These patients did regular yoga in front of AIIMS yoga experts 3 days a week for 1 month. This patient used to come to AIIMS for 1 hour of practice every day.

After this, for the next 2 months, 5 days a week, the same yoga activities were asked to do at home.

The result
The yoga group used to complain of headache 9 times in the first month, after yoga and medicines, it came down to 4.7, which means that 48% of headache cases were reduced.

Whereas the other group used to complain of headaches on average 7.7 times in a month, ie roughly 8 times, which was reduced to 6.8 ie only 12 percent improvement.

After 3 months, the medicines of Yoga group also decreased by 47% while in other group this decrease was only 12%. The AIIMS study appeared in the American Journal of Neurology in the month of May.

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